• Recent Hate Incidents

    Asalam alikum, we have become aware of threatening letters being sent to Muslim families in London, Bradford and Leicester. Counter terror police are currently investigating these. If you receive similar communications please inform police immediately or call 101 and quote incident number 44 of 9th March. Please do not post or share images of these letters on social media to avoid giving this vile and sick criminal activity further momentum.

Our Vision


Our vision is to provide a centre of excellence, with a view of providing a range of holistic and inclusive services for all sectors of the community.

Serving the Community

The Norwich & Nofolk Muslim Association (NNMA) is in the heart of Norwich, a city with a rich history, and home to more than three thousand Muslims. It is our belief that our primary concern should be to serve the needs of the local community and to work towards the common good.

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Promoting Tolerance and Opposing Extremism

The NNMA works actively to promote tolerance and understanding. We are a member of the Norfolk County Council; this binds together Muslims from different backgrounds and strands of Islam. We enjoy excellent interfaith relations and the strength of these relationships has stood us all in good stead during the difficulties of recent years.

Several times each year we will open the doors of the centre, inviting people to visit and view an exhibition about Islam and Muslims. Our members encourage constructive engagement in society and a rejection of extremism in all its forms. We unequivocally reject all terrorism.

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